What all features should you look for in your delivery management software

To run any business, no matter big or small, there are millions of challenges that you as a business owner have to face every day. The competition is cut-throat in the market today, and well, let us be honest — the economy, in general, is not too great. In such a scenario, you need to work smart rather than working hard. The only way to win customers is by taking care of their needs and over-servicing them while also keeping tight control on your margins. And in case you do manage a business where logistics is a core function — then providing deliveries to your customers by delivering orders before the deadline is one way to rise above the rest. This is how your company will stand out from 50 other companies that provide similar services. And to be honest it is not even about climbing to the top by leaving others behind. It’s all about expanding your own business for your profit and welfare. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level need to focus on efficiency and optimization and one way to do this would be with the help of delivery management software. Delivery management software such as Fieldproxy empowers drivers with a powerful mobile app through which logistics stakeholders can manage job allocation, routing, delivery sequence, and also ease real-time communication with customers. Business owners from various industries like food chains, courier companies, retailers, grocery chains, and many more have tried it and found it to be very useful. It might sound surprising but investment in automation can make organizations cut down their costs of human resources, real estate and also help drive sales by providing a superior customer experience. Let us look at what all ways such delivery logistic software can help

Resource and Dispatch Management

The life of an operations manager begins with the most annoying and difficult task of running behind the drivers to know their availability. But now managers can relax because they can run all delivery management services with software such as Fieldproxy, which have solutions built specifically for the logistics industry

It is easy to use the feature for drivers to mark their online attendance. Not just that but drivers can also use this interface to accept or reject orders so that the manager has a track of deliveries done by a specific driver on a specific day or hour.

Delivery management software not only helps to see the available resources but also their allocation. This results in better resource utilization and efficient planning for every day. You are likely to find more prospects if you choose possibilities in every direction. An automated allocation & routing feature by delivery management systems like Fieldproxy helps your on-ground team to deliver a superior experience to your customers. Moreover, partners through automation and optimal allocation of orders that help in improving delivery success rates

Automated Delivery Scheduling

Owing to the increase in exposure to online shopping and the Amazons of the world — there are similar expectations from customers too. Hence, in such a scenario, last-mile optimization is important to provide the delivery team with an optimized route — so that they can complete the maximum deliveries in the minimum amount of time. Manual scheduling of deliveries in a proper manner is a headache for the management team. It is mostly very time consuming and involves a lot of manual labour and paperwork. You can eliminate it all by using suitable delivery management software. Because deciding the units and volume for different vehicles and drivers manually becomes a huge and exhausting affair. For example, many courier express and eCommerce clients spend hours deciding which delivery vehicle will go in which direction and cater to which customers before they move to our platform. In today’s technologically driven world — why waste so much time on such tasks? Especially when you run a small business, it goes without saying that time is money for you.

Hence to save a great deal of time, you should switch to an online automated Delivery Management Solution. This will also help you allocate deliveries according to the capacity in terms of unit and weight. It customizes delivery run sheets and pushes data onto the delivery agent app as well. The delivery agent has details of the route and delivery schedule to be followed on the device in his hand. If you are confused about which delivery management software to try for your business, give Fieldproxy a try. It incorporates all the features mentioned above. Using this you can build a highly configurable delivery and dispatch Management Software which includes automated allocation & routing .

Route Optimization & Real-Time Tracking

If you are always on call to keep track and whereabouts of your shipments, you are certainly not doing it the right way. You use delivery tracking software like Fieldproxy to track your vehicles. In addition to that, you can get the authentic data of distance travelled. It enables you to predict the correct estimated delivery time.

Route optimization helps in timely deliveries and real-time tracking gives you continuous updates of your in-transit shipments. That being said, software like Fieldproxy also helps you enhance your delivery services with end-to-end route planning. And automated dispatch and real-time tracking.

Customization, Customer experience, and Seamless Integration

The only way to keep your business going in the right direction is to ensure that your customers are fully satisfied with your services. The success mantra of making customers happy involves much more than just getting their order right or getting it to them on time. Today’s customers expect communication about their order from the moment they place it until they receive the thank you and follow up note after it has been delivered.

Keeping in touch with so many people becomes difficult at times. Because they demand a lot of attention and you also have to manage your on-ground team efficiently. A small army of customer service representatives can handle it all if you equip them with an apt delivery planning software. Delivery management software like Fieldproxy is built with an intuitive design for operations managers to use with ease. The entire Delivery routing system can be seen and it helps in coordinating with the end customer to give the details about their delivery. Built-in analytics tools in delivery management system software such as Fieldproxy can get correct information about the use of resources, performance of the employees, and agents.

Detailed Reports and Analytics

Take a minute to think of that ideal situation where there is a dashboard that helps you see all your delivery events and generates reports instantaneously for you. A Delivery Management Solution dashboard does this magic for you. Fieldproxy provides this feature to its users. You can log in to check trip summaries, analytics surveys, and other reports. Such organised reports can help to predict budget and future planning. The detailed reports could also be customized as per specific requirements. This can save a lot of time. Through this, you can also specify the exact data that your field team needs to capture to help you make better business decisions. And taking the right decisions only leads to the expansion of any business in any sector.

You should look for the above-mentioned features in your delivery management software. Choosing the correct software can work wonders for you. It will provide you with every opportunity to improve your customer experience and manage your delivery schedule efficiently. Therefore, delivery management software is a must for all organizations, especially those who are in the initial growth phase.

Originally published at https://fieldproxy.com on November 3, 2020.




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